Oil-water Separation for Various Extractive Metallurgical Solutions, China
Oil separation from various types of hydrometallurgical solutions, such as raffinate, back-extraction solution, chloride wastewater, cobalt sulfate solution, nickel sulfate solution, manganese sulfate solution, and saponification wastewater, etc., with the purpose to recover organic solvent, recycle water and improve product quality. (About 130 sets of oil-water separation systems have been put into use till now.)
Major New Energy Group Company
Hunan Province, Central China & & Guizhou Province, Southwest China
• Flow Rate: 1t/h ~ 40 t/h (dozens of systems till 2020)
• Inlet Water Characteristic & Outlet Requirement:
Inlet (mg/L) : oil content (petroleum)  3~100;
Outlet (mg/L): oil ≤5, ≤10, ≤25 (due to different solutions)
Sulfuric acid:150-250g/l;
PH: 2~7;
Temperature: around 45℃;
working hours: 24 hours/day
• Remove suspended solids and separate oil from various types of hydrometallurgical solutions to meet requirement
• Recover valuable organic solvent, recycle water and improve product quality of nonferrous metals.
Devoted to the development of new materials and new energy field, the Company is a professional service provider of lithium battery cathode materials precursor and new energy recycling materials, which is considered as one of the national strategic emerging industries. Oil-water separation and removal systems are considered as important devices in hydrometallurgy processes for the production of cathode materials precursor and new energy recycling materials. As entrusted by the Company, LAND ECO has provided over 60 sets of oil-separation systems with creditable technical support and varied system capacity, which have been in reliable operation till now.
Based on water characterization and engineering expertise, LAND ECO has designed and supplied different types of oil-water separation systems, consisting of different types of equipments and different coalescing cartridges, to handle any unexpected situation and work in various conditions.
• The oil removal is up to 98%, to meet customer’s requirement.
• Recover valuable organic solvent, and recycle water.
• Improve the quality of non-ferrous metals.
• Customized and engineered systems to manage different working condition
• Simple operation and low maintenance, with no additional dosage.
• LAND ECO’s oil-water separation systems have been proven to be capable of working in various conditions.