EXTRA Series Oil Water Separation and Recovery Device
The EXTRA Series oil water separation and recovery device is a kind of equipment specially developed on the ground of GOS separator (China Patent ZL200510034499.9), to separate and recover organic phase in the solvent extraction process of non-ferrous metals. As the separation is a physical process only, with no dosing and no dramatic temperature change, which enables the organic solvent staying with its original property. The EXTRA Series device not only can reduce the oil content in water to meet the discharging requirement, help to recover organic phase separated from water with good economic effectiveness, but also can lower the operation load and improve product quality in the follow-up process.
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   The oil (organic phase) collected is as good as original, ready for reuse.

   Good separation effect: oil content after treatment is very low.

   Gentle mechanical separation with amazingly high performance

   NO chemical reagents dosing, no post-treatment required.

   Replaceable cartridges with long service life

   Compact structure and small footprint

   Automatic operation and little maintenance.


   Recovery of organic phase for the non-ferrous metal solvent extraction process;


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