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LAND ECO co-sponsors the 8th National hydrometallurgy Engineering Technology Exchange Conference in Shenzhen
On 25th October 2020, the "8th National hydrometallurgy Engineering Technology Exchange Conference", undertaken by China Nonferrous Metals Society, Central South University, mining and Metallurgy Technology Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd., Changsha Nonferrous Metallurgy Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Process Engineering Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming Metallurgy Research Institute Co., Ltd., Northeast University, Guangdong Academy of Sciences and Guangsheng Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd (Guangdong Rare Earth Industry Group Co., Ltd.), Wuhan University of science and technology, State Key Laboratory for comprehensive utilization of nickel and cobalt resources, metallurgical equipment Academic Committee of China Nonferrous Metals Society, School of metallurgy and environment, Central South University, Institute of rare metals, Guangdong Academy of Sciences, National Key Laboratory for environmental protection, mining and metallurgy resources utilization and pollution control, and North China Metallurgical (Beijing) Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., and exclusively co-sponsored by Shenzhen LAND ECO Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., was grandly held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.
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LAND ECO is awarded a Contract for a Major Copper Mine at Myanmar
Mr. Chuan Hong, the managing director of LAND ECO, and Mr. Hong Sun, the general manager were invited by the Major Copper Mine Company to visit project site for investigation. During the visit, the separation and recovery technology of organic solvent in hydrometallurgy industry was fully discussed by technical experts and Mr. Hong, also the EXTRA Series Organic Solvent Recovery Equipment was introduced, such as working philosophy, advantages and application. For the purpose of economic efficiency and better product quality, the customer intended to work with LAND ECO for oil-water separation system.
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Contract of Oil-water Separation Systems for TFM Project was signed!!
At the beginning of 2019, LAND ECO and Tenke Fungurume Mine SA signed the contract of oil-water separation systems for copper sulfate electrolyte solution at Tenke Fungrume Mine, which is very meaningful to the TFM Company, as considered as the first TQCM project
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