Oil-water Separation & Organic Solvent Recovery for Electrowinning Copper-Rich Solution, North China
Major Gold Group Company
Henan Province, Central China
Separate oil from copper electrowinning solution, to recover organic solvent and improve copper quality.
• Flow Rate: 250t/h
• Inlet Water Characteristic & Outlet Requirement:

Inlet water (mg/L):oil content (petroleum)≤50;0≤oil (p) ≤100;oil>100;
Outlet water (mg/L):oil content (petroleum)≤5;5≤oil≤10;oil≤10;
Sulphuric acid:150-250g/l;
Temperature: 35~60℃ ;
Working hours : 24 hours/day
• Remove oil and suspended solids from copper electrowinning solution to less than 5 ppm
• Recover valuable organic solvent, recycle water and improve the copper quality.
Located in the Gold City of China, besides its main product of gold, the major Gold Group Company produces electrolytic copper with annual capacity of 15 thousand tons. The oil content in the back-extraction solution treated by existing ultrasonic oil removal system is very high, which caused to the poor quality of copper, waste of extraction solvent and poor site condition. The Company was eager to find an improved technical solution with good performance, stable running, simple maintenance and no chemical dosing for better. LAND ECO designed and supplied oil water separation system that perfectly meets the subject requirement.
With our rich engineering experience, according to the analysis data of liquid, LAND ECO designed and supplied the oil water separation system, consisting of ESPA bag filters working as pre-filter and EXTRA device as oil-water separator with two-stage advanced coalescer units inside, which is an effective and compact system.
• The oil removal is up to 98%, which meets the customer’s requirement of less than 5 ppm.
• Recover the valuable organic solvent, and recycle water.
• Improve the quality of copper.
• Large handling capacity to manage different working condition
• Simple operation and low maintenance, with no additional dosage.
• LAND ECO’s oil-water separation systems have been proven to be capable of working in various conditions.