GOSK Series Oil Water Separator for AC Condensate
GOSK Series Oil Water Separator has been developed based on LAND ECO’s exclusive patent product GOS bi-directional flow surface polymerized high-precision oil water separator (China Patent ZL200510034499.9), for the effluent treatment from air compressor system. As the wetting angle on the contact surface between different solid material and different liquid is different. When the wetting angle difference of two types of liquid on the same solid material surface is greater than 70 degree, these liquid can be separated. Hence, considering the solid material with hydrophobic & lipophilic property as media, the oil droplets would be accumulated, coalesce and separated.
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   Guaranteed legal discharge with 5ppm or less oil contents in treated water

   Gentle mechanical separation with amazingly high performance:

   NO extreme power, separate under 0.4Mpa and 1 ~ 95 ℃;

   NO chemical reagents dosing

   Handle up to 1000L/h flow (matching to groups of air compressors with total capacities up to 60,000 cpfm)

   Durable and replaceable cartridges, at least one year serving lives

   Minimum space occupation with large processing ability to deal with multiple air compressors with one simple separation step


Specially designed for Air Compressor Effluent Treatment!!