Industries & Fields
Oil & Petrochemical industries
Oil and petrochemical industries are playing very important roles in our modern economy and life, with a high demand of water in both quantity and quality, as water is the key factor in operation. Along with this come the water scarcity and concerns about wastewater contamination as two of the toughest challenges facing the oil and petrochemical industries. For over three decades, with the commitment in industrial water purification and focus on oily water treatment, LAND ECO has partnered with renowned oil and petrochemical companies to solve complex oil-water separation technology challenges in the industry. And with our proven track record, LAND ECO is very confident in providing the most sustainable, stable and cost effective solutions that best suits your application.
Coal Chemical Industries
Wastewater from coal chemical industries is a kind of high-concentration organic wastewater with extremely complicated refractory organic contaminants, containing such as oil, phenols, cyanides, sulfides, and so on, which is very difficult to be treated. Using our highly efficient oil-water separation technology, LAND ECO is capable to remove oil from wastewater or to recover it for reuse or centralized treatment. LAND ECO has been dedicating to help our clients from coal chemical industries to solve the wastewater treatment challenges, providing long-term wastewater treatment solutions with more reliability and stability in operation.
Extractive Metallurgy
Solvent extraction technology has been widely applied in the hydrometallurgy industry, which has the oil (organic solvent) - water mixing and separating techniques going through the whole production process. The conventional equipment for oil and water separation is ineffective, expensive and unreliable, which not only causes the waste of organic solvent, but also results in defects and fails in follow-up processes and poor product quality.
With cutting-edge oil water separation technologies, LAND ECO is able to help you to recover oil (organic solvent) from your process and waste streams for reuse with economic benefit.
Nuclear Power Plant
With the growing demand on energy, especially on clean energy, the marketing share of nuclear power has been steadily increased. Oily wastewater produced in the normal operation and maintenance of nuclear power plant mainly comes from the oil equipment and system, including transformer oil and lubricating oil. As direct discharging of oil wastewater into sewage treatment station would cause more difficulties and higher sewage treating capacity. Hence, it is very necessary to set up oily wastewater separation system in nuclear power plants. LAND ECO is qualified as one of the main suppliers of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and China General Nuclear Power Corporation.
Other Fields
Air compressor condensate water.
Paint factories, grease chemical factories and electroplate factories.
Electromechanical and mechanical processing industries,.
Diesel locomotive depots.
Vehicle factories, wharfs, oil depots, ships, etc...