Oil-Water Separator — GOS High Performance Series
In order to solve the oily water recycling problem in oil refining, petrochemical and thermal power industries according to the Water Saving Guide issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, LAND ECO has developed GOS bi-directional flow surface polymerized high-precision oil water separator (LAND ECO exclusive patent coalescing oil water separation! China Patent ZL200510034499.9) The working philosophy is wetting coalescence of coarse-graining principle. As the wetting angles on the contact surface between different solid material and different liquid are different. When the wetting angle difference of two types of liquid on the same solid material surface is greater than 70 degree, these liquid can be separated from each other. Further, according to the Stokes Law, the floating speed of oil droplet in water is proportional to the square of its diameter. With the size getting bigger, the oil droplets would move upwards quickly and separate from water finally. While fluid with oil going through the LAND ECO filtering media, the oil would get coalescent upon contact. As the filtering media of LAND ECO cartridge is so effective, our separator can achieve critically low oil-content levels to meet the most stringent environmental and process requirements.
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Oil-water Separation for Synthetic Water -- Shaanxi Major Chemical Project 

Oil-water Separation System for Low-temperature Methanol Washing Water -- Lu'an Project 

Oil-water Separation System  -- Yitai CTO Project

Oil-water Separation System -- Xinjiang Dushanzi Project 


   Oil content down to 0.5mg/L with oil removal efficiency up to 98%

   NO extreme power, small foot print

   Replaceable cartridges with long service life

   NO chemical reagents dosing, no extra hazardous wastes

   Replaceable cartridges with long service life

   Automatic operation, little maintenance.


l  Oily water treatment for single-tower stripping system in oil refineries and petrochemical factories;

l  Oil removal treatment for condensate water from condensate fields;

l  Water treatment for heavy oil thermal boiler water;

l  Final treatment for reinjection water in oil field;

l  Oil removal and recovery treatment for steam condensate in chemical factories;

l  Recovery of F-T synthetic oil in coal chemical factories;

l  Oil removal treatment for low temperature methanol washing water in coal chemical factories;

l  Wax removal treatment in methanol synthesis process by coal gas in coal chemical factories.

l  Oily circulating water treatment in metallurgies, iron and steel plants and cold rolling plants;

l  Front oil removal treatment for demineralized water and reverse osmosis water;

l  Recovery of organic phase for the non-ferrous metal solvent extraction process;

l  Oil water separation in paint factories, grease chemical factories and electroplate factories;

l  Oil water separation of emulsified oil in electromechanical and mechanical processing industries,

l  Wastewater treatment for diesel locomotive depots;

l  Oily wastewater treatment for vehicle factories, wharfs , oil depots, ships, etc.;

l  Oily wastewater Treatment for other industries.


   Gentle mechanical separation with amazingly high performance

   Utilizing LAND ECO patent coalescing materials as filter media with oleophilic and hydrophobic property.

   Separate dispersed oil as well as emulsified oil

   Customer-tailored solution available