SS Filtering for Reinjection Water at Offshore Oil Platform, Indonesia
CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation), PERTAMINA
SES Oil Field, Indonesia (Unattended oil field)
Removal of suspended solids in seawater to meet the injection water requirement for oil platform.
• Flow Rate: 100 cum/hour
• Inlet Water Quality: SS content 5~8mg/L, Cl- content 19880mg/L;
• Outlet Water Quality: SS content 1~2mg/L;
Remove suspended solids from seawater to enable the seawater quality meet the injection water requirement for oil platform, which means the SS content in water no more than 3mg/L with median particle size no more than 2 micron.
CINTA oil field is one of the main oil fields in south SES platform. In order to increase oil production capacity and produce energy, based on the site condition, CNOOC decided to use seawater as injection water. Land ECO was trusted and authorized to design and supply qualified water treatment systems for the subject purpose.
After conducting a series of research and study on reservoir condition and injection water quality requirement, and coordinating with CNOOC’s outstanding management ability on water injection, two sets of KGOL filters systems (KGOL900-4D, 1.4MPa) have been successfully applied for the subject purpose. The devices were modularly designed and supplied in the form of assembly package with mounting plate, cooperating with simple operation and low maintenance, which enable the seawater quality after being treated perfectly meeting the injection requirement.
• The SS content in seawater after being treated is 1-2 ppm which perfectly meets requirement.
• Special construction materials of equipment to withstand the corrosive nature of seawater.
• Simple operation and low maintenance, with no additional dosage.
• LAND ECO’s oil-water separation systems have been proven to be capable of working in various conditions.