SS Filtration & Oil Separation Systems for Reinjection Water Treatment at Oil Platform
CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation)
JZ25-1 & JZ25-1S CEP Oil Field, Liaodong Gulf, Bohai Sea (Unattended oil field)
Removal of suspended solids in seawater to meet the reinjection water requirement for the production process of oil platform.
• Flow Rate: 7200 cum/d
• Inlet Water Quality: SS content≤8mg/L, oil content≤8mg/L;
• Outlet Water Quality: SS content≤3mg/L, oil content≤5mg/L;
Remove suspended solids and oil from seawater to enable the seawater quality meet the reinjection requirement for oil platform. The oil content should be no more than 5mg/L, and SS content should be no more than 3mg/L with median particle size no more than 2 micron.
As the injection water used for JZ25-1 CEP Oil Field is a mixture of well water and production sewage, and due to the unstable running of the existing 4-stages conventional filters (hydro-cyclone - air flotation –walnut shell filter – fine filter) , the quality of injection water could not qualified for oil production. CNOOC desired to have a new type of filtering technology and equipment, to ensure the stable performance with qualified injection water quality and avoid any possible harm to the reservoir. LAND ECO supplied and trailed a set of filtering device for the subject purpose. With the test result satisfied by the Customer, LAND ECO was awarded a contract by CNOOC to supply the water treatment systems with full handling capacity.
LAND ECO has provided the customized and engineered system, consisting of eight KGOL filters (KGOL1100, 1.0MPa), out of which, every two KGOL filters working in a group mounted at a same assembly base plate. The system is modularly designed with simple operation and low maintenance, which enable the treated water perfectly meeting injection requirement.
• The SS content in seawater after being treated is 1-2 ppm which perfectly meets requirement.
• Special construction materials of equipment to withstand the corrosive nature of seawater.
• Simple operation and low maintenance, with no additional dosage.
• LAND ECO’s oil-water separation systems have been proven to be capable of working in various conditions.