Oil-water Separation System for Nuclear Power Plant
China General Nuclear Power Corporation
Liaoning, China
Oil removal from wastewater produced in nuclear power plants
• Flow Rate: 600 cum/day, 240 cum/day (6sets)
• Inlet Water Quality: oil content≥1000mg/L, SS≤200mg/L
• Outlet Water Quality: oil content ≤ 5mg/L, SS≤5 mg/L
Remove oil and suspended solids from wastewater, without dosing, to make the water qualified for discharging.
The oily wastewater produced during normal operation and maintenance in nuclear power plants mainly comes from the oiling equipment and system, such as transformer oil and lubricating oil. As the direct discharge of oily wastewater into sewage treatment station would cause to the increase of sewage treating difficulty as well as handling capacity, it is necessary and common to set up oily wastewater treatment station in nuclear power plants. LAND ECO has been providing oil-water separation systems for many major nuclear power plants in China who has very strict requirement on supplier management. Liaoning Nuclear Power Plant is one of our nuclear power plant projects, with 6 sets of oil-water separation systems applied for SEK units and SHE units for the SS and oil removal purpose.
According to the property of wastewater in Hongyanhe Power Plant, the customized systems consist of self-washing filters and two-stage high-performance oil water separators, supported by automatically control system.
• No dosing with amazingly high performance
• Gentle mechanical separation with simple operation
• Replaceable cartridges with at least one year serving lives
• Minimum floor occupation with impressive capacity
• LAND ECO’s oil-water separation systems have been proven to be capable of working in various conditions.