Oil-water Separation Systems for Copper-rich Solution, Kambove, Congo
NORINCO International Cooperation Ltd. / La Compagnie Miniere De Camdove SAS
Kambove, Democratic Republic of Congo
Removal of oil in copper-rich solution, to recover organic solvent and improve product quality.
• Flow Rate: 2X180cum/hour
• Inlet Water Characteristic & Outlet Requirement:
• Inlet water (mg/L) : oil content (petroleum) ≤100;
• Outlet water (mg/L):  oil≤5;
• Sulfuric acid: 100-200 g/l
• working hours: 24 hours/day
• Remove suspended solids and separate oil from copper-rich solution to meet customer’s requirement of no more than 5ppm.
• Recover valuable organic solvent, recycle water and improve product quality of copper.
La Compagnie Miniere De Camdove SAS is a joint venture established by Wanbao Mining and Gecamies (DRC National Mining Company), to jointly develop the Kamoya Copper and Cobalt Mine. The mineral process of coarse crushing – SAB – dewatering before leaching - agitating acid leaching – countercurrent washing – extraction - electrodeposition is applied for the oxide ore in Camoya Phase II project with  mining capacity 3000t/d. Oil-water separation is a quite important process before electrodeposition, as the oil-content in the copper-rich solution would greatly affect the quality of copper. LAND ECO is awarded the contract to design and supply the oil-water separation systems for the subject project with satisfied performance, as the LAND ECO oil-water separation technology not only can remove the oil from copper-rich solution for product quality improvement purpose, but also can recovery the expensive organic solvent for production cost saving purpose.
After study on the liquid and subject copper production process, LAND ECO has designed and supplied the customized system, with the combination of ESPA filters to remove the SS and GAGS oil-water separator to separate oil, which perfectly lower the SS and oil content.
• The oil removal is up to 98%, which meets the customer’s requirement of less than 5 ppm.
• Recover valuable organic solvent, and recycle water.
• Improve the quality of copper.
• Large handling capacity to manage different working condition
• Simple operation and low maintenance, with no additional dosage.
• LAND ECO’s oil-water separation systems have been proven to be capable of working in various conditions.