Oil-water Separation System from Sour Water Stripping Water, Xinjiang
Major Petroleum Refinery
Xinjiang Province, Northwest China
Oil removal for feed water of one-tower stream stripping system, to enable the stream stripping system working stably
• Flow Rate: 60m3/h
• Inlet: oil content 500~800mg/L, Sulfide content 3712~20215mg/L, ammonia nitrogen 1171~35901mg/L, water pressure 0.02MPa
• Outlet: oil content below 40ppm
• Temperature: around 50 Centigrade
• Working Pressure: 0.3~0.5MPa
• Remove oil and suspended solids from feed water of single-tower steam stripping unit;
• Enable the stripping system working stably;
During the normal operation of single tower stripping system applied in this Petroleum Refinery Company for sulfur-containing sour wastewater treatment, the oil content is extreme high (constantly at an over-standard level), which requires regular steam cleaning to remove oil stayed on the tray. As the unstable operation of single tower stripping system greatly affect the quality of liquid ammonia products, an effective type of oil removal facility is very necessary for better production and cost saving purpose.
According to the water characteristics that were found during pilot trial, LAND ECO provided a customized solution to solve this unique issue, with an effective and compact system. The oil water separation system consists of six KGOL filter units and two GOS separator units, utilizing LAND ECO patented technology and specific modified material, to remove oil under varied oil concentrations.
• The oil removal is up to 98% of LAND ECO oil separation system, which meets the customer’s
requirement of less than 40ppm, and enables the stripping system working stably.
• Special construction materials of equipment to withstand the corrosive nature of seawater.
• Save cost for stripping tower maintenance, as the frequent steam cleaning of stripping tower
is no longer required.
• Make economic benefits from the separated oil sale.
• Simple operation and low maintenance, with no additional dosage.
• LAND ECO oil separation systems have been proven to be capable of working in various
conditions, as the water property was greatly changed due to the change of crude oil after being
put into operation.