SS Filtering & Oil-water Separation for Leaching Copper-rich Solution, Tibet
Major Copper Company
Tibet, China
Removal of suspended solids in the stirring-leaching solution and removal of oil in copper-rich solution, to recover organic solvent and improve product quality.
• Flow Rate: 120 cum/hour
• Inlet Water Characteristic & Outlet Requirement:
1) Stirring-leaching solution
Inlet Data (mg/L): PH 0.5~1; Suspended solids 350 ppm;
Outlet Requirement  (mg/L): SS removal ≥ 90%;
Capacity: 120 cum/hour
Temperature: 25~40℃
Capacity: 120 cum / hour

2) Cooper-rich solution
Inlet Data  (mg/L): oil ≤100;
Outlet Requirement (mg/L): oil ≤10
Density ~1.25
Temperature ≤40℃
Running time: continuous running
• Remove suspended solids from stirring-leaching solution with removal rate more than 90%.
• Remove suspended solids and separate oil from copper-rich solution to meet customer’s requirement of no more than 5ppm.
• Recover valuable organic solvent, recycle water and improve product quality of copper.
Located at Qamdo Tibet, at an altitude of 4200 meters, the Copper Company holds the second largest copper mine lot in China. As the SS content in stirring-leaching solution is very high, even after being treated by thickener, and the SS concentration also fluctuated greatly during production, it is quite a challenge to take care of this situation with no use of chemicals. For the copper-rich solution, as the residual solvent agent could greatly decrease the product quality, it is very necessary to find an effective way to separate solvent agent from it. After investigation, the major Copper Company sought to put LAND ECO SRC systems and oil-water separation systems on trial to achieve for the subject purpose, which is proven performing well.
Based on the study result of subject liquid and production process, LAND ECO has designed and supplied the customized systems:
a) For stirring-leaching solution: two sets of SRC rotary coalescing & filtering systems to treat the leaching solution with the required capacity.
b) A set of oil-water separation system, consisting of ESPA filters and GAGS separator, to remove SS and separate oil.
• The SS content in leaching solution is less than 20 ppm, with removal rate more than 90%, which meets the customer’s requirement.
• The oil content in copper-rich solution after being treated is less than 5 ppm.
• Recover valuable organic solvent, and recycle water.
• Improve the quality of copper.
• Large handling capacity to manage different working condition
• Simple operation and low maintenance, with no additional dosage.
• LAND ECO’s oil-water separation systems have been proven to be capable of working in various conditions.